Thursday, April 24, 2008

If I Ruled the World......

If I Ruled the World or this campus, whichever came first.

I would make departments share photographs. Every department with someone who takes pphotographs at events would need a private Flickr account and then we would connect and share our pictures.

That dream gets better way of Photophlow (you know I love some TechCrunch).

Let's imagine there is a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer on your campus and he shoots your orientation. He uploads the pictures to Flickr. Then, you go online with Marketing and your boss and you check out the photos together. As you browse through photos, you go click on one, it pops up for everyone. You agree that it's THE shot. It goes on the website or in an updated brochure.

How easy is that? How much time have you saved?

I am going to investigate if this works that easy.